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At a meeting with my publisher and agent, I realised I really should be doing more of my own marketing - and not just online. 'Visit your local bookshops,' they suggested, 'and take some donuts!'

So, I started researching local bookstores. We live in the countryside, so I spread my net across a wide area. Before I knew it, I had 15 bookshops to visit in villages, towns and cities within a 35 minute drive.

Next, I thought about what I would like to take. A book - of course - and a bookmark with information about the upcoming paperback launch and my social media details. But what would be a tasty treat?

Looking up Italian yummies, I came across a couple of recipes for biscuits. They looked easy to make, so one afternoon, I had a trial baking session. The biscuits - one chewy and one shortbread - came out a treat. Now I just needed to do some batch baking and I'd be ready to go...

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