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How I got published Part 3.

There was a flurry of interest in my book once my agent started talking to editors. One was keen; she thought the story was charming and the writing lyrical but... decided it wasn't the right fit for her publishing house, it would get lost amongst all the big names. Another invited me in for a meeting to discuss potential changes before they'd consider publishing it. Going into the meeting room, someone very senior shouted across the office that my book had made her cry. We talked about the changes, which I was willing to try, and I went away and rewrote.

I made the story longer, developed characters, added new storylines. We sent it off, but the response was a polite no thank you. Disappointed, I let the agent do her thing and before long, we were at another meeting in another beautiful office (publishing offices are very lovely). The publisher was enthusiastic, she liked the story, she didn't want to make any changes. She was going to present it at the next submissions meeting.

Excited, we went away and waited. And waited. And some months later, discovered the editor we'd met was no longer at that publishing house.

After that, it went quiet for a long time. My agent stayed upbeat and kept plugging away. Friends no longer asked what was happening with my book. Then, one day, Diana called. The editor who had said it wasn't the right fit for her publishing house had moved to another one. She remembered the book, and wondered if it had found a home yet.

And all of a sudden, it had.


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